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  • New double album: ‘Reality Is My Play Thing’ due for release in June 2018. More info coming soon.

  • Just released on Bandcamp: my newly remastered for 2017 soundtrack album originally produced in 2004 for the Wisdom of the Ancients documentary and multi-media exhibition. Deep and mysterious music - listen to it here.

  • Ley Lines II album with Steve Lawson and Andy Edwards is out now on Bandcamp -   It is a totally improvised album of light, dark, wonder and intensity with many unexpected twists and turns played with a sense of deep musicality - enjoy!

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  • New Release with Steve Lawson. This is a little improvised duo recording we did one afternoon last December just after the Ley Lines 2 sessions (yes the ever so freaky sequel will be out soon!). The perfectly titled 'the quiet after the drums' is available for subscribers to Steve's bandcamp page -  This is also a wonderful way to delve into Steve's beautiful world of sound as well as get this release. We've created some very compelling tender yet mysterious soundscapes on this, and it is great that Steve's musically opens me up to world where I can express this side of my guitar playing more.


  • New Release: 'Ley Lines' CD with Steve Lawson & Andy Edwards now available to buy here or download via Bandcamp or iTunes.  Read more about it here.

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  • “Worlds Beyond Cause”, the dark, intense and daring PYZ debut album, is now available for the first time ever as a digital download exclusively from Bandcamp - check it out here.

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